For the animation “The Ugly Dinosaur”, I have the role of documentary director. Oscar, our main character, was inspired by a toy dinosaur found by the directors In the tradition of “making of” documentaries, it will show the processes used in the animation through footage  and explanations from individual interviews. But what I personally would like to capture is the effect of the character of Oscar on the members of the project.

taking on the bulk of of the shooting, directing  and editing myself, getting all of the shots/audio I have in mind together is taking a bit of time. To make sure I get all the material I need, the editing has not been the main focus ( WILL HAVE THINGS TO SHOW SHORTLY)). I do however have a break down of basic scenes and know the footage I need to capture. The majority of  shooting will be complete by this following Tuesday to leave time for editing to meet the deadline

I have already shot a bit of team meetings as well as interviews with , the directors, on the how the idea came about, the initial visual ideas, and the concept of the main character Oscar and the morals that can be taken from his story. I plan on using that audio over footage through out the video, mainly the opening and ending, starting with the short explanation of how our “ugly dinosaur” was picked and footage of him.This week the main focus of shooting is interviews and film of each person working on their piece.


Basic order

-Brief Explanation of how concept came

-title Opening credits, start with directors, short interview, then 5-8 second footage of each member of the project working on the animation with their name and role under

-footage of various team meetings, starting with guidelines fon characters backgrounds and colors, as well as shots of individuals working on backgrounds/animations/concept etc.,

-interviews on how each member feels about oscar,

-Brief footage from the final product, final words from the directors on Oscar


When I first heard the song Shambhala 2010 by Excision (below), the first image that came into my head were robots. But not just any type of robots, rock em sock em robots. And not just fighting each other, but fighting everyone and everything. I want to green screen rock em sock em robots and then place them onto footage of everyday people going about their lives when suddenly they are in the midst of this epic battle of machines. For a better understanding, listen to the first six minutes of this clip, (that’s all I plan on using, at most)  The project requires a few people that know after effects or other methods of green screening. But any editing, graphic, photo or video background will be useful. This is a basic representation of the jobs that will be required to complete this project Timeline

Week 1- ( FIND ROCK EM SOCK EM ROBOTS.)Break the song into scenes. Make list/visuals of the timing and shots/effects for each scene and assign specific tasks for pre-production. Blog started.

Week 2 – capture video for background, start filming robots. Post progress on blog

Week 3 – continue last of shooting. Work on the editing of both parts and begin to play with putting them together.

week 4 – Tweak timing of robots, make sure everything lines up to the music, post part of “making of video” on blog as well as a “sneak peak” for the film

Week 5 – Finish Making of Video. Last of editing. Add cg effects. credits. Finalize video and  post on blog.



My concept for the figure as landscape project is to capture a series of video clips of the human figure in motion, focusing on a specific body part each scene and for each different model, have all of their footage show symbolism and create a mood that is relevant and related to the personal sign of the model. There will be four different clips, one for each of the elements. For example, one of my models is a pieces, a water sign. Some of the characteristics of pieces are that they are paient and gental. To portray this, I wanted to capture wrinkles or rolls and have them slowly, evenly ripple to resemble the movement of a stream of water.

I wanted to take the project outside the lines of a “pretty picture”. When I personally think landscape, I first think mountains or a cliff or a desert, still images. What I hope to accomplish from this project is to capture the little parts of life, movement, that are occurring in that landscape that work to be part of the “whole picture.” I want to capture the way grass blows in the wind when it sits on top of that mountain, the way the water flows, the destruction that a big gust of wind can do, or the stillness of a bolder in a storm. These are the things you may miss about a landscape from a still frame. The still I’m posting were originally going to be the start of my project but now just serve as the reference photos I’ll be doing my video off of. These are all images I thought would be more effective in motion.


color palette


The first palette I choose because when I think of any kind of landscape, I think of very earthy, natural tones. Greens, browns, and tans. These colors could be used easily and effectively in my photos to convey a sense of landscape.

The next palette I choose because I thought that the majority of the colors were somewhat natural but over done somehow, weather they be too light or too saturated, and would be more of a challenge to work with than the above palette. These colors were each chosen because they each give off an emotion that are dramatically different from one to another.